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Each entry will be judged for the success of the solution to the problems presented by the project and its worthiness, as determined by the jury, for an award of excellence in architecture. Awards will be classified into five categories for publicity and organization purposes. Jury retains the right to reclassify projects. The categories will be New Construction & Substantial Renovation, Housing, Adaptive Reuse /Preservation, Interior Architecture, and Unrealized Projects. Information on each category is provided below. Additional citations or project recognition may be awarded at the discretion of the jury. The written project description should provide basic information about the project and verbally convey the design concept to the jury. Information requested in the awards subcategory descriptions should be addressed clearly. Projects descriptions should not provide information which discloses or identifies project team members.

New Construction & Substantial Renovation
Projects submitted in this category will include a broad range of types such as Commercial, Educational, Multifamily, Housing, Institutional, or Faith-based Architecture. Master Planning and Urban Design projects are also eligible for recognition under this category. Renovations and addition projects are eligible, but project scope must be clearly and accurately presented through graphics and written descriptions. NC & SR projects are eligible for Honor and Merit Awards.

Projects submitted in this category will include single family residential projects or multi-family projects of no more than (4) units. Larger multi-family projects will be categorized under New Construction / Substantial Renovation. Renovation and addition projects are eligible, but project scope must be clearly and accurately presented through graphics and written descriptions. Housing projects are eligible for Honor and Merit Awards.

Adaptive Reuse / Preservation
Projects submitted in this category may be of any project type (Commercial, Educational, Residential, etc.) but should include either a renovation within an existing building or a new construction that expands an existing structure or site. Projects that have been recognized for historical value through inclusion in Historic Districts or listing on Historic Registers should identify the type and reason for recognition in the written project description. Projects that do not have official recognition or designation are also eligible and should outline the historical significance in the project description. Projects should include before and after photos to illustrate improvements and changes made to the space. The intent of this award is to recognize thoughtful interventions or restorations that create a synergy between old and new construction. Routine maintenance, such as painting or reroofing is not considered restoration work for the purposes of this award. Adaptive Reuse / Preservation projects are eligible for Honor and Merit Awards.

Interior Architecture
Projects submitted in this category should illustrate outstanding building interiors created by architects. These projects may include new construction or renovations of existing construction. Multiple entries may be submitted, but individual rooms or spaces within the same project shall be considered as one project. Interior Architecture projects are eligible for Honor and Merit Awards.

Unbuilt Project
An Unbuilt entry may be any commissioned or non-commissioned project, and may be any building design, interior architecture, restoration, or urban design/planning project.  Commissioned Projects: Projects selected to pursue. May be owner commissioned, not yet built, or abandoned, or projects selected to complete for a design competition, not yet built or abandoned. Construction must not have commenced prior to the deadline for receipt of entries.  Non-commissioned projects: The intent of this award category is to welcome ideas and work of practicing architects and architectural educators throughout the Aspire States. The project may be a design competition entry executed in direct response to an organized design or entry requirement, or theoretical / research projects submitted in the interest of advancement in the profession. Unbuilt projects are eligible for Merit Awards only.


Please direct all inquiries to Keri Dixon, AIANC Awards Director, at kdixon@aianc.org.

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