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The AIASAR has a long-standing tradition of recognizing a broad range of architecture activity that exemplifies the values of the South Atlantic Region and improves the quality of the built environment in the communities we serve. The SAR Design Awards program seeks to highlight the diverse range of project types that exist within the region. The AIA believes that awards programs should be carefully structured so that the selection and recognition of honorees elevates the general quality of architectural practice, establishes a standard of excellence against which all architects can measure performance, and informs the public of the importance of design.

AIASAR achieves this purpose by establishing and sponsoring the following awards and subcategories:

I.  Design Awards

  • New Construction & Substantial Renovation Award
  • Housing Award
  • Adaptive Reuse/Preservation Award
  • Interior Architecture Award
  • Unrealized Project award

II.  Student Design Award

See the "Categories" tab in the menu above for descriptions of the Design Awards subcategories and the Student Design Awards.

All entries, with the exception of Student Projects, shall be projects executed and designed by AIA members of the South Atlantic Region (SAR), or project teams consisting of at least one AIA SAR member in good standing in their state jurisdiction. Projects may have been executed anywhere in the United States or abroad and must have been substantially completed after January 1, 2012. The number of entries submitted by a firm or individual is not limited. Projects that have previously won an AIASAR award are not eligible. All projects, regardless of size, budget, style, building type, or location are eligible. Entries are welcomed and encouraged from both established and new practitioners at any size firm.

Unpaid Labor Declaration Policy
If you cannot answer 'Yes' to the Unpaid Labor Declaration Policy below, you are not eligible to submit for the design awards. Please contact adrienne@aiasc.org should you have any questions concerning our Unpaid Labor Declaration policy.

“The firm does not utilize, employ, or otherwise engage labor that is unpaid, including working students, and neither does any firm of which the candidate is an owner or manager, in part or in whole.

The firm acknowledges this wording shall cover all persons working under their employ, regardless of position or title. Exceptions recognized by Federal law (such as legally defined internships or educational cooperative programs) are exempt from this Policy.

The firm further acknowledges that they have not utilized any unpaid labor as defined above for any work submitted for this awards program. The submitter personally acknowledges adherence to the terms of this Policy.”

There are two separate juries for the SAR awards this year: one for professionals (the 2019 SAR Design Awards Jury) and one for students (the 2019 SAR Student Design Awards Jury). Both juries will convene in March of 2019. Awards will be presented at the ASPIRE Experience conference in Asheville, NC on April 14th. 

The 2019 SAR Design Awards jury will be chaired by Julie Snow, FAIA, founder and principal of Snow Kreilich Architects in Minneapolis, MN which won the national AIA Firm Award in 2018.

Jury Chair for the 2019 SAR Student Design Awards will be announced soon!

Please note that any project that credits 2019 AIASAR Award jury members or their firms as architect, associate architect, consultant or clients are ineligible and will be disqualified if submitted. Communication with jurors from the time of submittal to completion of the jury process by the candidate or anyone acting on their behalf is inappropriate and cause for disqualification. 

See the "Jury" tab in the menu above for more information on the Design Awards and Student Design Awards juries. 

Please direct all inquiries to Adrienne Montare, AIASC Executive Director, at adrienne@aiasc.org